Flaunting a beautifully decorated home is everything these days. Be that as it may, sourcing every kind of home décore product, starting from ‘Hardware to Custom Handmade’ products, under one roof can be incredibly hard.

We changed that.

With GENIQ Home Décore, we’ve created an e-commerce marketplace solution that starts where others stop. In that, GENIQ Home Décore is an online concept-to-completion solution for every kind of interior and hardware product under the sun!

Confessions of a home decore shopper!
When you’re decorating a house from the ground up; you need everything, starting from the door handles to the curtain rods, from sofa sets to the bathroom fittings.

imply put, shopping for home décore can be fun, but also the most exhaustive, long-drawn pitfall of putting together a beautifully decorated house.

From House to Home- GENIQ makes everything possible
Getting the right kind of interior and hardware products can make your home meaningful, aesthetic and purposeful. Beyond that, they make an impactful style statement and bring out the true outline of your personality via the décore style path.

In that narrative, it’s only logical to source products that are aligned with your tastes and personal preferences, isn’t it?

One answer to all your ifs, why's and buts
Consumers today are tech-savvy and expect nothing but the very best of product quality, pre/ post -sale service, a genuinely good deal, and an engaging, experiential shopping experience. On the off chance retailers don’t deliver on any of these accounts, the customer simply closes the window and goes deal hunting elsewhere.

With GENIQ Home decore, we have striven to make your decision-making process staggeringly simple via two proprietary commercial outlets –

- A dazzling brick-and-mortar display gallery and

- An easy-to-navigate, user-friendly e-commerce website.

It’s as simple as checking out the products of your choice on our website, and strolling into our display gallery to get a vibe, see/touch-before-you-buy experience, and a first-hand look at the quality and color of your coveted item.

Obviously, on the off chance that you wish to submit an order request online itself – Rest guaranteed our extensive variety of online tools will empower you to settle on the correct decision. What’s more, Online or Offline, we assure instant delivery - No questions asked!

From PRODUCER to PURCHASER – A Direct-to-Customer Supply Chain model
Decorating a home should be enjoyable and easy, not frighteningly expensive and tedious. But the current manufacturer-to-retailer-to- consumer supply chain network is just that. Not only do consumers pay staggeringly sky-high, marked up prices when they purchase products from a retail store, the additional burden of running pillar-to-post for after sales service is also expected to be borne by them.

With Geniq’s ‘PRODUCER to PURCHASER’ supply chain model, this monopoly structure is shattered and the customer is given direct access to a whole range of home décore & hardware fitting products at JAW-DROPPINGLY LOW’ prices.
No Middlemen, No Extra Costs!

Backed by a unified team of manufacturers who believe the ‘PRODUCER to PURCHASER’ model is an idea whose time has come, we at Geniq are confident that with reduced markup prices of nearly 40-50%, we will continue to be the numero uno online website for
millions of home décore shoppers from across the globe.

Who we are
A team of SME manufacturers, we are New age entrepreneurs who intend to turn the home décore & hardware product industry on its head. Game changer’s in a sense, we plan to take the said industry to another level by making the ‘customer’ our first and only priority. As a core value GENIQ places the needs and preferences of the customer in front of everything, without exception.

Our ‘client-first’ strategy sets a gold standard in the
home décor & hardware fitting e-commerce industry, and it pervades all that we do, be it with regard to product procurement, sales and marketing, management and IT-led innovation.

Where GENIQ will go from here

With an outstanding Average order value (AOV) that has been scaling the charts, we at GENIQ have endeavoured to-

- Keep presenting fresher home décore & hardware products by the day,

- Making more room for creative inspiration on our online or offline outlets and

- Imbuing a scalable bouquet of choices, variety and experimentation in our product line-up.

For our customers, this enables an engaging, accessible, and actionable shopping plan like never before!